Sunday, 31 August 2014

surprise packages !!!

Surprises always come in packages.. !!!

  First ever time I felt my existence in all my 23 years.

       It was a drizzling night with rain pouring down almost round the clock. And the cold weather meant Temperature was around 12 degrees.

      Clock tickled tik tok !!! Its 12.00 A.M. A gut feeling pushed with my heart beating @ the speed of a express train. 

       A bunch of gangsters, I can't count them literally, entered my room suddenly . My room was all but very dark.It was very weird  I literally couldn't identify anyone. They tied my eyes, my hands stretched back and tightly roped. A voice whispered let us pack him up. And suddenly I was lifted from my bed and I am floating at 4 feet above the earth. I was carried from 4 th floor in the lift down to the ground floor of the apartment. And still quiet a few steps they dropped me suddenly on a concrete floor. I Was hurt a bit and ''aaaaaahhhhhhh" Ouch !!! I cried loud.

      A Gush of horror spread through my veins. Huge junk of footsteps encircled me and started approaching me. I felt as I was in the middle of a market place. I was upside down and one strong hand hit at my back like a hammer blow on a nail  Amma !!!!  I shouted , as I was not able to bear my pain. 
       Suddenly I seamed as a football and nearly four'ty legs started playing with a big football weighing 70 Kilograms. After few mins every legs got tired and they turned to practice boxing and in the middle, I am stranded as a punching bag. As I shouted again in unbearable pain some one in the gang gave a punch into my cheeks and fell apart as my face hit turf of the ground meant one of my tooth got dislodged.

   It was so freaking and continuous down pour of rain meant I was drenched completely. There came a hand and taped my back as I stood up my tied eyes got loosened and with blurred vision I could see nearly 20 bulk boys surrounded me with stumps and mop sticks standing in the middle of basketball court. Before I got vision impulses clear some one poured a nauseating mix of some smelling substances. Mix included chilly powder kept me burning and Kept my eyes closed, which gave them the freedom to hurt my back.I was terrified as they started cooking meat out of me.

   And some grunt voice in the crowd shouted "Aadu sikiduchu da.. !!" ( The goat is ready for the cut ). After some terrible goose bumps , I fell on the floor again.
   I was really petrified. Before I could gain my ground. Some good-hearted fellow poured water at me like dirty car waiting for a wash in its shed. And it helped me to get my vision and in the dark I could see sparkling candles lighten and stood on a yummy brown chocolate cake. And every one chanted 

      "Happy Brithday to you my dear !!!"

     And I realised they were neither thieves nor foes the gang Of trusted goodies (my friends). They surprised to greet me for my Birthday.

    It was indeed a horrible surprise.
I don't know how should I react surprised or cry out loud. As its my birthday I kept quiet and they all are my best buddies I smiled with pain.

  Bit somewhere in my mind I got a voice

" Enda porantha ?? " ( why was I born ? )
    Usually surprise come in packages but for me it came in the form of gangsters. :-)

   And I am really happy to be still alive.